The hard copies for the bathrooms are coming very soon. I’m trying to make them pretty. 



They make a nice valley for nuzzling in


I’m “live action” Fabio


I’m just gonna rub your teeth until you feel better.


Underwear is now a limiting reagent


Damn you tiny mouse brains! Why won’t you stick together?


You could just keep it wet all the time and it’ll look pretty


Smith is oozing rainbows


There is 75% less hispanic presence in this house than last year


Our leetle Viking warrior


Double homo to a whole new level


If you want to be butch, build a chicken truck!


The only way to control women’s desires is to put them in the shade?

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I have 12 freds in my room


A: I hiccupped
B: You hate goats?!


I’m not ready to be your lusty queen of god yet.


A:What does parity mean? P-a-r-i-t-y.
B:Parity?  It means like a parrot!


Operation get laid!


I don’t even know when I consumed that much beverage


I rolled in some puddles, but you didn’t see me do it because they were sky puddles


I’ll be your handy dyke!


My pocket is hooting!


If you order pasta, prepare to get a small child


When you two argue about chem, I sometimes picture you as toddlers in sailor outfits

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Why am I sitting here when there’s a perfectly good womb?


I hoed


Your hair is brushing against my ass and it feels weird



on trying to make plans for mountain day


You debauched my bosom!


You should buy porn


It’s like the big rainbow elephant in the room.


I thought you said you dropped your boobs


That looks like it hurt


Go for the trees because things are proportionate


That would be a new one: “Lesbian gets other lesbian a little pregnant”

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Our hand vaginas are touching


I didn’t know Sylvia Plath microwaved herself while I was reading it


Is he doing a llama thing?


This was the first day I scooped my boobs!


My bosom is at your service


Don’t be alarmed if you heard rhythmic pounding through the floor. I’m a drummer.


Someone already got that fortune in a potsticker—ugh, I mean fortune cookie


Why aren’t you the power tools type of lesbian?


I’ve always wanted to be in the popcorn bag


I don’t want to talk about your alley


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